What We Do

For nearly 40 years, The Banks Team has provided independent fiduciary services in San Diego County, California. Appointments and services include the following:

  • Trustee or Successor Trustee

  • Executor under a Will

  • Administrator of a Decedent Estate

  • Conservator

  • Stand Alone Trust and Estate Accounting Preparation
At Banks & Banks, we combine integrity,
commitment and trustworthiness with innovative procedures and practices. We provide a full range of trust and estate administration services including the
management of securities portfolios and business interests, as well as the purchase, lease, management and sale of real property, nationwide. We have been selected to handle some of the most delicate family dynamics and complex fiduciary matters, and we excel in the ability to locate and marshal assets and thoroughly account for all transactions.

Our customized accounting reports are not only detailed and accurate, but also easy to read and understand – thanks to a one-of-a kind fiduciary accounting system tailored specifically to the clients’ needs and well received by the courts for delivering data in a clear, code compliant format.
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